My Love For You Persists

My love for you persists
Ever-present, regardless
Of who I may try to love instead
Or who may try to love me.
It is there, my love for you,
Clamoring to be first.
I am its keeper.

The years go by
And I’m getting older
Less available to any future
With anyone.
This was not in our plan.
And now is the cost of loving you;
A price I pay, resentfully.

Today, I think you’re in trouble
I can feel it in the ether
A disturbance in the love that connects me to you.
Because I know your core.
Today I think you’re overwhelmed
At being alone and widowed.

Now you have only the money
And the lifestyle which you prized above me.
The man you loved in exchange for it is gone
But I think now you may be discovering
How poor your really are.
I do trust that you loved him.
We were never properly introduced.

I do not wish this for you
I can not protect you from yourself.
I can only love you from here and now
My love for you is persistent
I have no choice in the matter.

I ask myself why I would continue to love you
After how disrespectfully you treated me
When you left.
I have continued to love you in spite of all,
This love is the persistent kind.

Sunday March 26, 2023