Naples, FL The country’s been wringing its hands and turning itself inside out for the past few months and I have to admit that it’s gotten to me from time to time. There’s a lot going on that I don’t approve of….enough that I’ve been questioning myself for not speaking up, for not doing anything about it. So today, the […]

Women’s March 01/21/2017

Sunday, November 29,2015 After spending a great summer in northern Michigan building a happy little house with a friend and living on a quiet lake in the woods, I’m back in Naples for another “season”… the season that the snowbirds come to from the north and east coast for warm air, dolphin watching and salty water. I enjoy being a […]

Another Season In Naples

Naples, FL With all the arctic weather going on up north, Southwest Florida hasn’t escaped the cooler weather this year, either. It’s just not the freezing, gray-day kind. This is the time of year the “snowbirds” migrate south for the winter and even a few days in the 60’s can spoil their vaction. But not so with a kiteboarder I […]

Cool Waters of December