Northern Michigan

For as much as I’ve traveled and been away from home, Leelanau county in northern Michigan has been my safe haven for more than 40 years.


Maybe one day a long time ago she just stopped working, stopped pulling the old man in the seat across the fields and just couldn't make one more trip to…

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Birch Lake

I left Michigan for Florida  five years ago and coming back this year finally feels like coming "home".  As much as I've traveled in my life, there's never been a…

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Elk Rapids

These photos were taken around Elk Rapids and the country roads surrounding.Elk Rapids Water Tower Downtown Elk Rapids Downtown Elk Rapids Elk Rapids Downtown Elk Rapids Town Hall Elk Rapids…

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Taken from Isadore at intersection of Leelanau county road 645 and French Road

My Getaway

Summer in the Leelanau There's a little hideaway spot in Leelanau County where I go to work and write several times through the warmer weather and I'm heading up for…

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Leelanau Fall

August 21 - Sept 5, 2013 Leelanau County, Michigan Wherever I travelled this year, people asked me about living in Southwest Florida... wasn't it too hot and humid? Was the…

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Summer of ’13

Winding down from a busy year…
December 7th, 2013 – Naples, FL
sihlouette_SantaBarbaraThis was a busy year, with great adventures and the best of everything – but it’s good to be home for a few weeks and through the holidays, and nice to have the time to put the busy-ness in life on the bottom shelf for awhile.

It’s warm here in Naples, and that makes it all the more enjoyable. There’s a slight chance I’ll find my way to northern Michigan for Christmas, but even that’s on the back burner this year – it’s just nice to have a little time to melt into the landscape.

Wedding Bells were heard…
Sept 3rd, 2013 – Traverse City, Michigan

wEm_Chris-600My lovely Emily married her wonderful Christopher on August 24th. It was a perfect day and the highlight of my year… I’m still “touched” by how lovely a couple they are.

I’ve been in northern Michigan since August 21st and am heading back south to home in Naples in a few days. It’s been a delightful visit all the way around.

Summer in the middle of…
July 10th, 2013
Leelanau in June…
County highway 633 Leelanau County, MI Back in those early years ramblin’ round, I always found my way back home to Leelanau county. I still do. This year’s a little different with daughter Em getting married in August and a little more time on my hands, so I’m out to enjoy my northern life and friends as much as I can this year. I was up for two weeks in June and plan to finish the last week of July camped quiet in the park in Suttons Bay. Then on to Montana in August (10th-17th) and back to Leelanau for the wedding at the end of the month.

Performing in Glen Arbor, June 2013 Highlights of the June visit included a ruptured hot water tank, a good cleaning and replacing batteries in the motorhome, time with Emmy and grandaughter, and getting the generator working again. Played a couple of sets with Patrick and Chris in Glen Arbor, too.

moon-over-trees Oh, and then there was the Super Moon… while I had the motorhome tucked away in a sweet little glen between Suttons Bay and Lake Leelanau, I’d set the tripod up every night practicing low-light shots – I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later…

The skies didn’t fail to impress…


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