Unfriend Me, Ok

Sorry, Pal… but I’ve gotta cut you loose. The stuff you’ve been posting here on Facebook isn’t having the desired effect I think you’re looking for; I’m not buying it. In fact, I get nothing but a dark-cloud feeling of sadness and disgust every time I see another one of your posts condemning the politics, the President, or the candidate you don’t like. I recognize your right to speak your mind and have an opinion about all of those things. Of course I do. I just don’t buy into any of the on-going dialog encouraging me to hate, slander or condemn other people for theirs. As someone who believes (humbly, I might add) in kindness over criticism, God over politics, Christ over religion and the the good in people over their shortcomings… that’s just not how I roll.

I do ask myself, “what the hell does he even really know about any of it?” And when I realize (for the ump-teenth time) that you don’t know anything more about it than what you’re reading in some right-wing news-blog-thing or watching on the TV news (take your pick), I realize that in spite of all your passionate commentary, you’re actually as much in the dark about what’s really happening in Washington D.C, Mexico or Syria as I am.

We’re not there. I’ve known you as a fellow musician and a rounder – same as me – and that I know of, you’ve never been a politician. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think you’d make a very good one – you’re too nice a guy.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been a spiritually-minded man all of my life. I talk about it. I’m fascinated and curious. I’ve read the books – the Bible, the Koran and the Gitas and Vedas, even the Book of Mormon and a dozen odd-ball prescriptions for immortality. When I was younger I even dabbled in Christian Science and Buddhism for awhile. I grew up in a generation curious and hungry for the Truth and I read everything on the subject of “the meaning of life” I could get my hands on, open minded and willing to consider that others wiser than me had searched for the same answers long before I came along. It’s hard to do all those things and not end up loving (or at least searching for) God, whatever it/he/she is.

And even though I grew up in a nice church in my home town, I’m not particularly religious – probably because from my vantage point “organized religion” has done more to divide people and pull them apart than bring them together, and I don’t say that as an outsider. I’ve been in the middle of it myself. And while that may not always be the intention, it’s almost always the outcome. Not always, of course, but often enough. That’s my opinion, anyway, valid as yours.

Here’s all I really know… (after all, I’m just a musician)

We’re supposed to love, care for and help each other in this life. There’s a period at the end of that sentence.

My interpretation of Love says I’m supposed to at least make the effort to overcome the differences between us. In fact, rather, we’re supposed to see that we have just about everything in common. We’re supposed to care for the homeless, the sick and the elders. WE are… you and I and them. We’re called to protect children and women. We’re supposed to see past politics and religion and money and power to that higher ideal. The books say we’re supposed to Love each other, and not judge. “Not” as in not ever. Apparently, that’s for the God of our combined understanding to do, and I’m ok with that. As human beings we simply can’t know more or better. That makes sense to me, because hell, I can’t think of anything higher to take it all to.

Perhaps you think it’s about standing up and taking the fight. I can understand that. I’m sick of it, too, and I’m not afraid of a good fight. I just don’t think more fighting brings more peace. Call me ignorant. At least I know I am.

So, I guess it’s safe to say that I don’t want anything to do with anything (or anyone) that creates more problems for people than it solves., and from where I sit, that’s what all of this hateful right-wing, left-wing mud-slinging and fear-mongering rhetoric ever does. Too many Liars and Thieves. But, it does do one more thing… it makes me heart-broken and sad for my world. I’m getting older and it’s not getting better, and after living through generations of war and politics and all their trappings, that’s sorely disappointing. Until there’s more Love and less of the other, nothing’s going to change. Of that, I’m certain.

I don’t have enough time left on the planet to waste any more of it on polarity. I’ve wasted plenty on that already. All I’m really looking for more of, in every corner of my life, even here on Facebook (believe it or not), is Love. That’s where my time’s gonna go from here on. That’s what’s gonna come out of my mouth as often as I can blurt it out. The rest will just have to work it’s way along till it catches up.
And speaking of Love, well… I hope you find your way back to the better parts of it. It’s worth the compromise.

You know, pal – I’ll always love YOU, and that’ll never change. But I don’t think I can come out and play with you anymore. You and all your vitriolic opinions are just no fun to be around.

It’s ok with me if you “un-friend” me over this. It’s also ok to simply accept that I think you’re making an ass of yourself. Either way, I’m sticking to my track – and happier for it, too.

The truth is, I think we should just keep writing songs in the sunshine in the time we have left. Let the dark side take it’s prisoners as it inevitably does.