Elk Rapids in October

Northern Michigan is a special spot and has been “home” all of my life (regardless of where I may actually be living). The most colorfully vivid changes in season come as winter announces it’s impending arrival, usually in October, when the nights turn cold and the first frosts start stripping the hardwoods. November turns the land and sky in shades of gray and begins putting it to sleep until spring… the northwest winds see to that.

I went north on the 4th of October and stayed for three weeks, working on a little outside building project for my friend Amy; raised beds for her flower gardens, trellises and all kinds of things. It was great to be working with my hands again, breathing crisp green air and watching the combination of cloud and chill turn the countryside to deep yellows and orange, the reds the last to show.

These photos were taken at around 1-2am in downtown Elk Rapids and the country roads surrounding. 


Downtown Elk Rapids, MI

Hydroelectric Power Plant