Another Season In Naples

Sunday, November 29,2015

After spending a great summer in northern Michigan building a happy little house with a friend and living on a quiet lake in the woods, I’m back in Naples for another “season”… the season that the snowbirds come to from the north and east coast for warm air, dolphin watching and salty water. I enjoy being a local resident.


My Summer Vacation

So today, it’s “just another day in Paradise”. And, it’s good to be back.

My life in Naples has always been a quiet one… I ride my bike around the town like I own it, shoot a few photographs every day and try to get in an adequate amount of writing and reflection in. I work at my desk the same as I always have, with a hour here or there for getting out and away from it.

But, I love the sunshine…. enough to stay put right here for awhile. I’ll get down to the Keys and Key West a few times, spend a little more time exploring the Everglades and with any luck, get a book written.

The rest of the world will do what it will.

Naples Beach Authority